Weaves & Weavers

Weaves & Weavers

Chanderi Sarees

Madhya Pradesh produces a super light sari that is characterised by a soft translucence that is unique to the cloth. They are generally a very plain sari in muted pastel colors, narrow bordered piece with simple striped anchal. Others have small bhutties woven across the entire six yards of fabric. The term Chanderi is often misused by sariwallahs to describe any kind of light and see through cloth. Chanderi style cotton is highly prized for it's airy feel in the hottest days of summer. It's almost impossible now to find Chanderi in pure cotton.

Muslin Jaamdani Dhakai

A highly transparent cloth with supplementary threadwork ornamentation, which is "Jammed" into the weft. These designs are usually just a simple and geometric tribal style, unique to Jamdani handlooms. Peacocks are a favorite motif in the style, as are bold vines and flowers.

Tussar Silk Sarees

With a distinctive golden haze and light weight loft, Tussar silk is back in fashion on the Indian market. The latest jewel is the Pashmina sari, which is a blend of wool and tussar silk. Madhya Pradesh produces these sarees with various combinations of threadwork and bagh printing. Crisp Tussar handlooms from Varanasi are often featured in our boutique.