How to shop for a Chanderi Saree

How often have you come across friends boasting about their Chanderi sarees? If you are fascinated by the subtle elegance of the saree, we can help you shop for one. To begin with, there are three kinds of Chanderi sarees: 

Pure Silk Chanderi Saree
  • Pure silk: As the name suggests, the saree is hand crafted using pure Chanderi silk. Hailing from the region of Chanderi. A pure silk chanderi saree with intricate work is a more expensive piece. 
  • Chanderi Cotton: This fabric is hand spun using cotton only. This gives it a sheer finish; the cotton yarn often has motifs spun into it using zari or silk.  
  • Silk cotton: This is a combination of silk and cotton thread and is by far the most commonly produced one. The glossy look of the cloth is obtained from using the flature yarn.
Cotton Chanderi Saree with Zari Work


Despite variations in the fabric, the texture and sheen remains the same. Since they are buoyant and elegant, they are suitable for summer wear and for special occasions.

Chanderi Fabric Weaving Process

Interesting Chanderi Saree Facts you need to know:

So what else is there to know about a chanderi? The two things that you need to look for are

  1. Motifs/ designs
  2. Sheerness/Transparency


The motifs are woven using anything from copper, silver or gold. Most designs are inspired by nature, so you will find lots of fruits, birds, flowers, lotuses and peacocks. Gold coins, geometric patterns and modern designs like chatai, dandidar, jangla, nalferma, Asharfi Buttis are commonly found. The bigger shapes are referred to as a buttas- did you know that they can retain their exact shape and size as they are interwoven into the fabric?

Normally you would find subtle pastel hues, but many retailers also stock bolder colours like black, red, navy blue, turquoise, white and fuschia.

Sheer Chanderi Fabric Texture

When you shop for a genuine chanderi saree, you need to look for a fabric that has a sheen to it. Chanderis have a sheer texture that almost looks transparent. This is because flature is used -an unprocessed yarn with a gum coating. It is this gum that gives the fabric its unique sheen and sheer texture. Both cotton and silk thread remain untreated and can be used in the different varieties of weft or warp as is needed by the weaver. 

Zari Patterns on Chanderi

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