8 occasions where Handloom Sarees are worn:

Saree, the six yards of elegance, feminity and grace, originated in India. Handloom sarees, the timeless showcase of India’s culture and heritage, have always been unique and one-of-a-kind in their approach. Handloom sarees have gained prominence across globe for its originality and beauty. Significant occasions where the handloom sarees are traditionally worn highlighting the event.

Marriage ceremony:That Sacred Moment – 


Who doesn’t want to flaunt her charm in her final D- day? Time for the the heavy Benarasi to move over.  The marriage day is made even more special with a touch of elegance, grace and appeal with handloom sarees.

Gaye Holud- Bathe me Yellow: As the bride-to-be is smeared and bathed in turmeric in the middle of the much awaited morning of the final D- Day, what else can catch her and her bff’s mood other than a bright handloom saree?  The bride prefers to wear ethnic, handloom sarees to enhance and flaunt the artistic beauty on this occasion.


Pujas (Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Navaratri, etc) : It is not rare to find living goddesses roaming around the Puja pandals and Dandiya halls draped in gorgeous handloom sarees. In the blessed Navaratri and Durgastami nights which celebrates the victory and achievements of women power, women mostly prefer to wear ethnic outfits for this divine occasion.  To give a classic touch to their looks, handloom sarees have gained more preference in this modern world for its classic hues.


Award functions- The day of achievement: Eminent women celebrities and personalities prefer wearing handloom sarees in award functions to look elegant in their approach.


Educational Seminars : Eminent women scholars, teachers and professors prefer wearing handloom sarees during any educational seminars and conferences as they are comfortable, look elegant and give an air of authority.

Family functions: Who would not want to look the prettiest among their relatives and loved ones at any family function or get- together? A handloom saree is a good choice to wear during any family get together as it is available in many colours and materials.


Marriage functions: Ladies take months to decide what to wear to marriage invitations. They prefer flaunting their beauty best in marriage functions, and what else can be the catalyst to enhance their beauty other than a handloom saree? Be it the marriage function of a sister, or a reception party of a colleague, women have always preferred handloom sarees for the ultimate diva look.

 Official Programmes: The working women and the wives of the employees choose handloom sarees over any other type of sarees during the office programmes and functions to enhance their grace and integrity and stand out of the crowd.

Other social events: Societal and Ethnic events ( like BijoyaSammiloni, international cultural festivals, and others) are the occasions where women love to drape ethnic handloom sarees to exhibit the Indian culture and look spectacular and elegant.
societal events




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