5 specifications you need to know to select the right Katan silk sarees:

Silk, the most innovative invention of fabric in the history of mankind, is considered to be the most magnificent among all the fabrics and is extremely versatile as it can be successfully incorporated into any look. Katan silk is one of the most unique of all the fabrics as it has a different look that helps it stand out from other forms of silk. Here are given 5 specifications which should be known before selecting the right katan silk sarees:-

Choosing among the varieties: In the era of modernisation, one should be up-to-date about the latest trends and varieties of the concerned cloth. There are mainly four types of Katan silk sarees. They are- katan butidar ( having resham/ gold patterns), katan butidar mina ( designed with zari threads), katan butidar paga ( contains designs made by zari threads, 4 inches apart gold buti or pattern work all over the saree & fabric having 12 to 22 inch wide pallu or drape wider than most saris along with a 2 inch wide border) and Katan brocade ( figures and patterns made out of gold thread, wrap and weft being made of katan). Before buying any katan silk saree, one should choose between these varieties wisely, keeping in mind her complexion, looks, figure and personality. The most popular katan silk sarees nowadays are the katan stripes and katan checks as they add a modern touch in their design.

Popular Katan Sarees today : nowadays, in the new era of modernisation, some of the widely used katan silk sarees include : Katan Jal set ( having floral patterns all over the fabric) & Katan buti zari resham ( innovative, aesthetic patterns all over the fabric giving a touch of moderinity). To choose the right katan silk, one must go through the popular trends of now to get an idea of the fashion sense of the world at present. So, one should consider this factor in selecting the right katan silk sarees.


Colour: Women with lighter skin tone and light eyes may choose sarees of pastel shades and classic colours. Women with darker skin tone and dark eyes may choose often wear brighter and vibrant coloured sarees. To select the right katan silk sarees, one has to take into account their complexion as well.



Borders: all silk sarees doesn’t have borders in them. very few of the silk sarees ( including katan silk) have border in them. Bordered katan silk sarees can add extra personality in the person draping it. Short women can wear saree with thin or no borders, while the tall or medium heighted women can wear thick bordered sarees. so, one should choose the bordered sarees wisely according to their looks and personality before buying it.



Embelishments: Accessories have always magnified the beauty of the person wearing it. While choosing a katan silk saree, one should also choose the embelishments of the concerned saree. Embelishment gives the saree, a unique look, which also defines the personality of the person wearing it. A person who is wearing a saree daily may use minimum embelishments, while a person who is wearing it for occasions, may use gorgeous embelishments on it.



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