4 specifications you need to know to select the correct kora silk:

Kora silk saree is woven using quality kora silk fabric with attractive colors and designs. These sarees are appreciated for smooth and soft texture. They are very light- weighted and are comfortable to wear on different occasions. We have summerised a small guideline of  certain must specifications for the ladies that should be kept in mind before selecting the right kora silk saree.

Cost factor : The cost of a plain Kora silk saree begins from Rs.400/- and and ranges according to the design, patterns and works. So, while buying kora silk sarees, one has to take care of the cost incurred in it.


Occasional varities: while buying a kora silk saree, one has to keep in mind the occasion in which she is going to wear it.  The plain Kora Silk sarees are of light in weight and suitable for corporate and casual wear while embroidered Kora Silk sarees are gorgeous and best suited for festivals and other grandeur occasions.


Complexion: fair- skinned women with light eyes may choose sarees of classic colours. Dark complexioned women with dark eyes may choose often wear brighter and flaunting coloured sarees. To select the right kora silk sarees, one has to consider their complexion as well.

Accessories: while choosing a kora silk saree, one should also choose the accessories matching with that of the saree. For daily use purpose, one may use very less accessories, and for occasion purpose, one can use heavy and junk accessories. Accessories give a unique look to the person who is wearing it, enhancing their personality and attitude.



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