4 Green Reasons to buy Handloom Sarees

If you’re an eco-minded fashionista, you will be very happy to know that there are plenty of choices for your wardrobe online. Handloom sarees are the perfect dress for any occasion and more importantly they are eco-friendly. We’ve listed four reasons you should buy this kind of a saree:

  • Natural Fibres: These sarees are created using 100% natural fibres and dyes in place of chemical based manufacturing processes. So the jamdanis, chanderis sarees that you find in stores are actually made from pure silk, cotton, khadi and other natural fibres. Know more on eco-friendly clothing. 
natural cotton
Natural Cotton Fibers after Colouring


  • Supporting Livelihoods: Artisans use their skill on handlooms to make the saree fabric and then add embroidery work on it. So when you buy sarees that are handcrafted, you are supporting them and their work.
Supporting livelihoods
Handloom Saree Weavers At Work


  • Individually Crafted:  Each handcrafted saree in truly unique; very unlike identical fabrics that you see on those sarees made by machines. Any hand woven saree that you buy will possess unique aesthetic and designer appeal.
Individually Crafted
Saree Designs are Not Replicated


  • Chemical Free Dyes: Dyes are used to give the saree its vibrancy, but what you didn’t know is that these are made from chemicals. This isn’t a good thing for the earth. So when you buy a hand woven chanderi or a Dhakai Jamdani, you are actually protecting the earth.
Chemical free dyes
Natural Dye Made from Turmeric


Green is the way to go and handloom sarees are always a great fashion choice. So of obsessing over latest trends is your thing or if you like to create your own looks- we recommend adding at least one hand woven saree to your collection of ensembles.  

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